BASS prohibition must spur change to Louisiana's ridiculous water-access policy

The Louisiana Office of Tourism really needs to look at some new slogans for ads aired in other states hoping to attract tourists and their fat wallets here. Clearly, "Louisiana: the Sportsman's Paradise" no longer applies.

Here are some suggestions:

"Louisiana: Fish here, and get a ticket suitable for framing."

"Louisiana: Liberal limits for landowners."

"Fish Louisiana: Have you ever seen the inside of a jail cell?"

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Louisiana's trespass laws lock anglers out of most coastal marshes

Louisiana is known as the Sportsman's Paradise, and its a moniker that's well-deserved. Natives have heard all their lives about unfettered coastal subsidence that gobbles our marshes, turning them from fish nurseries and bird rookeries into vast, open-water nothingness. That might lead some to believe there's not much left along the tattered sole of America's boot.

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Public access to tidal waters in jeopardy

Louisiana’s beloved fishing areas are known worldwide as the Sportsman’s Paradise.

More and more, however, this paradise is becoming accessible to only a select few sportsmen. This is because Louisiana is the only state in America that allows property owners to claim ownership of waters that ebb and flow with the tide. You may be in awe at the absurdity of the notion of owning tidally-influenced water. Or you may be nodding your head, having been told you were trespassing while fishing somewhere yourself.

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Redfish tournament series inks deal gaining access to waters deemed private

The Elite Redfish Series announced last week it had reached agreement with a landowner in Southwest Louisiana to provide access to tidal water the landowner says is private. The series said in a Facebook post competitors in this weekend's Elite Redfish Classic Kick-Off would be granted limited access to the tract, but anglers fighting for access rights throughout the Louisiana coast say the move sets a dangerous precedent.

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Petition: To allow all Louisiana Fisherman access to all tidal waters in the state of Louisiana

Louisiana fisherman are losing fishing access in marshes across Louisiana due to land owners who are stopping anglers from accessing tidal waters that go through their property. Land ownership should constitute ownership of land and not the water that flows in and out and over it. We want to have the "if it floats it boats" policy enacted in the State of Louisiana.This policy is in line with every other state in the United States.We believe that if water is not landlocked, then the water should be accessible by licensed Louisiana Anglers. We believe that our state representatives should represent the will of the majority and not just a select few. It's time Louisiana to catch up to the rest of the nation on this issue and change the confusing, antiquated law that is in place.

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The Elite Series got an ear full

Check out this Video. The Elite Series got an ear full on what is Private Waters on West Louisiana. So this was at the captain's meeting. The sheriff was informing them of where they can fish. What was private and what was public. They did not take the news very well. Go check it...

Louisiana Sportsman Show Help

We will be looking for some help passing out Flyers at the Louisiana Sportsman Show. Show runs March 17-20 Thursday thru Sunday. We have printed out 5000 flyers to pass out and need your help doing so. We are looking for 4 to 6 people for at least Friday, Saturday and Sunday (if we don’t...